LASA Class of 2019


The People Behind the Scenes

Lisa M.

Lisa M. President

Hey seniors! I’m Lisa and I’m the President of the Class of 2019! My favorite thing about StuCo is probably prom because it’s like my baby, but I also appreciate the time we spend on hoco, socials, and other random activities, as well as getting to be in on what goes on at LASA. Outside of that, I spend my hours swimming for LBJ (go pool jags!), at Austin Swim Club, and spending time with my family and friends.

Hannah S.

Hannah S. Vice President

My name is Hannah and I’m the VP of the Class of 2019! I love swimming and yearbooking and whatever the verb is for doing SciO! My favorite part of being on StuCo is the fact that I get to meet my class and I’m so fortunate to do what I do.

Danika L.

Danika L. Treasurer

Hi guys! My name is Danika, and I am your Student Council Treasurer!! I’m so excited to plan events like homecoming, prom, and class socials for this year! Outside of StuCo, I am captain of the LBJ Swim Team (Go PoolJags!) and the LASA Science Olympiad team. I hope to make your senior year the best it can possibly be!

Sarida M.

Sarida M. Representative

What’s up, 2019? I’m Sarida, and I’m your Student Representative! I’m super into turtles and poetry, and outside of StuCo, I’m part of the Alley Cat Players and the LBJ volleyball and softball teams. I like being a part of StuCo because I really enjoy getting to know everyone in our class - it’s the best part of the job!

Griffin D.

Griffin D. Technical Director

Hey there! I created and maintain this website with the help of Cameron Kleiman, and I run the @LASA2019 Twitter whenever I get the chance. Outside of that, I enjoy running, programming, designing, and photographing. If you would like to contribute to the site, please use our GitHub Repository

Cameron K.

Cameron K. Systems Administrator

Hi! I run web things for the class of 2019. For example, I manage the LASA 2019 Slack and email system. Outside of class, I captain the cross country team and write some code. I'm a Senior Officer of LASA Ambassadors and an Assistant Technical Director for the ACP Tech department. I also wrote this handy dandy schedules web app, which is now a Chrome extension for extra convenience.